Nick Collins

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Where the 19th century saw a rush of composer-pianists, now the 21st brings the era of the composer-programmer...


Feb 20th Live in Huddersfield for Electric Spring algorave

Feb 27th, March 19th Live in Durham and Newcastle for affect formations concerts

Pitch Deviations (August 2014) Album of generative and improvised microtonal music [HTML]

A mini-project on Large-scale corpus analysis of historical electronic music using MIR tools funded by the AHRC as part of Transforming Musicology, collaborators Peter Manning and Simone Tarsitani


More on my iPhone apps like RISCy and Cryptoclash [here]

Now available: (2013) Collins, N., Schedel, M., and Wilson, S. Electronic Music. (Introductions to Music series) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.