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bbcut2 SuperCollider 3 extension library containing plugins, classes and helpfiles, released under the GNU GPL. Version 2.1.

bbcut2 supports beat tracking of audio streams and the scheduling follows induced clocks. There is an event analysis component which can construct a database of tagged events in an audio stream on-the-fly or as an NRT process. The algorithmic cutting is backwards compatible with bbcut1, and there are lots of new cut FX and tricks to explore.

Note that the two bbcut2 machine listening plugins are available as Universal Binary or for WIndows and Linux at sc3-plugins under MLfftw


downloadable mp3 examples. All of these were produced live (ie no cheating, no postprocessing) using relatively short code snippets in bbcut2:

[cut fx] Algorithmic cut-ups with associated fx units [comby] [variations] [weirdest]

[Beatles induction] beat tracking and on-the-fly event capture from a stereo pop track [cut chorus + beat track click] [cutup2] [cutup3]

[auto remix] beat tracking and on-the-fly event capture from a mono pop track [auto remix]

[audio tracking] beat tracking and on-the-fly event capture from my vocalisations through the G4's built in mic [beat boxed]

[sqpush] SQPusher1 algorithmic cutter applied to Squarepusher and to a tango [sqpush on sqpush] [tango]