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Dr Nick Collins is Reader in Composition at Durham University. His research interests include live computer music, musical artificial intelligence, and computational musicology, and he is a frequent international performer as composer-programmer-pianist, from algoraves to electronic chamber music. He co-edited the Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music (Cambridge University Press 2007) and The SuperCollider Book (MIT Press, 2011), wrote the Introduction to Computer Music (Wiley 2009) and co-wrote Electronic Music (Cambridge University Press Introductions series, 2013). Sometimes, he writes in the third person about himself, but is trying to give it up.

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There are rumours that there is more than one N.Collins. This is healthy and perfectly natural.

Some collaborators:
Adinda van 't Klooster
Alex McLean
Bob Sturm
Scott Wilson
Meg Schedel
Julio d'Escrivan