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(2007) infno. Infinite generator of electronic dance music and synth pop.

Infno is an algorithmic generator of electronic dance music fully implemented in SuperCollider 3, the latest generative music work in a line of 'Infinite Length Pieces'. The program attempts to model the production of electropop and dance music styles with a closer union of parts than typical in many previous algorithmic composition systems. Voices (including a percussion section, bass, chord and lead lines) are not independently created: the parts can cross-influence each other based on underlying harmonic ideas, rhythmic templates and already generated lines. The eventual system posits a potential for any one part to influence or in the extreme force the recalculation of another, both from top-down and bottom-up information impacting on compositional preference. In particular, dynamic programming is used to choose melodic lines for counter melodies under cost constraints of register, harmonic template, existing voices and voice leading heuristics.

Infno was premiered at Computational Creativity 07, and appeared again at the SuperCollider Symposium 2007 in Den Haag. A paper on Infno's mechanisms was accepted for ICMC2008. The first code release to accompany the paper is available to download here for research purposes. This version is that distributed for the original questionaire in the paper; the author has now moved onto new versions.

(2008) [PDF] "Infno: Generating Synth Pop and Electronic Dance Music On Demand". Proceedings of ICMC2008, International Computer Music Conference, Belfast.

Infno code for SC3, beta release for public feedback, released Jan 05 2008 via sc-users list. GNU GPL'ed

it's hard to convey the true scope of this generative artwork, but here are some short mp3 demoes:

and to give some idea of the earlier development stages: