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Selected events

20th April 2013 Live coding disklavier concert, Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe

27th July 2012 Wrongheaded live at the Arnolfini arts centre in Bristol: 'The gospel according to Wrongheaded'

16th December 2010. Wrongheaded conduct an algorithmic seance. Live coding at Goldsmiths

22nd November 2009, London Jazz Festival, ballroom of Royal Festival Hall, 'Wrongheaded'.

29th May 2009, pubcode, London, 'Live Code Actions'.

2008. [mp3 (listen via headphones only, preferably in a public space)] Click Nilson's "Instructions" for portable music player was part of the gallery show at the Sonic Residues festival in the US

Click Nilson appeared at Concorde 2 in Brighton on July 6th for the Sonic Arts Expo to perform the live coding work 'code taunts'

TOPLAP's CD01 was reviewed favourably by The Wire (June 2008, #292)

21st July 2007, Presentation at the LOSS-livecode festival in Sheffield, 'Live Coding of Human Action'.

9th June 2007, Galapagos Art Space. N.Collins versus N.Collins. Live circuit building versus live coding. N.Collins wins N.Collins cup for one year

Sept 2005. Interaction with Musical Instruments Panel (headed by Joel Chadabe) ICMC2005. I presented TOPLAP

Sept 2005. Nick Collins vs Ge Wang, live coding bout Off-ICMC

Feb 2005. Transmediale, Berlin, talk with TOPLAP and 10 laptop live coding jam for Club Transmediale in Maria am Ostbahnhof.

Nov 2004. Ultrasound festival, Huddersfield, talk on TOPLAP and performance.

Aug 2004. Presentations and gigs for TOPLAP at README, Aarhus, Denmark.

Feb 2003 Live audio programming symposium, organised by Julian Rohrhuber, Hamburg

June 2003. Fabrice Mogini and Nick Collins live coding duet at the Royal College of Art Bar, London.


The TOPLAP wiki site has many live coding resources; we set up TOPLAP at 2am during an anagram competition in a smoky bar in Hamburg on Feb 15th 2004...

The first TOPLAP CD "A prehistory of live coding" was released July 2007, curated by Alex McLean, Julian Rohrhuber and myself.

I've been experimenting a little with live coding without computers, in an improv session with Brighton based group 'In Sand' on May 7th 2007, and in some experiments with choreographer Teresa Prima at the Stockhausen summer school 7-15th July 2007