Nick Collins

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(2012) [PDF] "Enumeration of Chord Sequences" Sound and Music Computing, Copenhagen.

(2004) [HMTL] "An Algorithm for the Direct Generation of Set Class Representatives in Any Pitch Class Space", Music Theory Online 10(3)

(2001, revised 2002) [PDF] "Transposition Invariance and Parsimonius Relation of Z Sets". Includes a self transposing Z sets classification theorem, and a table of the density of Z related set classes in universes Z8 through Z24. Unpublished manuscript, revised after review and subsequently favorably received by music theory mathematics researchers including David Lewin.

(2000) [PDF] "An Investigation into the Existence of Z Chords". Proceedings for Acoustics and Music: Theory and Applications (AMTA 2000), Montego Bay, Jamaica, December 20-22, 2000, ISBN 960-8052-23-8, pp 26-31.

(1999) [PDF] "Uniqueness of Pitch Class Spaces, Minimal Bases and Z Partners". Proceedings of the Diderot Forum on Mathematics and Music, Vienna, ISBN 3-85403-133-5, pp 63-77.