Nick Collins

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(2019) [PDF] "Sonification of the Riemann Zeta Function". Proceedings of the International Conference on Auditory Display, Newcastle

(2012) [PDF] [sound examples and code] "Even More Errant Sound Synthesis" Sound and Music Computing, Copenhagen.

(2011) [PDF] "Implementing stochastic synthesis for SuperCollider and iPhone". Proceedings of Xenakis International Symposium

A collection of non-standard sound synthesis methods:

(2008) [PDF] "Errant Sound Synthesis". Proceedings of ICMC2008, International Computer Music Conference, Belfast.

These two are on variants of concatenative synthesis:

(2007) [PDF] "Audiovisual Concatenative Synthesis". Proceedings of ICMC2007, International Computer Music Conference, Copenhagen.

(2007) [PDF] "Matching Parts: Inner Voice Led Control for Symbolic and Audio Accompaniment". Proceedings of NIME

Applications in granulation, though also applicable at rhythmic rates:

(2003) "Recursive Audio Cutting", Leonardo Music Journal 13: pp23-9

Interactive genetic algorithm search for parameters for a stiff spring model, breakpoint sets, reverberation delay networks etc:

(2002) [PDF] "Experiments With a New Customisable Interactive Evolution Framework", Organised Sound 7(3): pp 263-273. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2002

The SplineSynth was an early project based around a GUI interface for breakpoint interpolation synthesis:

(2000) [PDF] "SplineSynth2: Interpolating Break-Point Sets To Obtain Sound Transformations Distinct From a Cross-Fade". Unpublished research report on the SplineSynth2 software.

(1999) [PDF] "SplineSynth: An Interface to Low-Level Digital Audio". Proceedings of the Diderot Forum on Mathematics and Music, Vienna, ISBN 3-85403-133-5, pp 49-61.