//The mystery of getting mouse values back in the language solved using OSCresponder and SendTrig


SynthDef(\mousedemo, {

var mx,my, impulse;

mx= MouseX.kr(0.0,1.0);

my= MouseY.kr(0.0,1.0);

impulse= Impulse.kr(15); //update at 15Hz = haptic rate

SendTrig.kr(impulse, 100, mx);

SendTrig.kr(impulse, 101, my);




var mx, my; 

OSCresponder(s.addr,'/tr',{ arg time,responder,msg;

var value; 

//Post << msg << nl;

value= msg[3];

switch (msg[2],

100, {mx= value;},



{inf.do{[\mx, mx, \my, my].postln; 0.5.wait;}}.fork; 


//Note that on SC3.5 or earlier you could do: