//In this example code, a sound file can be made to loop at any selection in the graphical display

//load soundfile onto Server

b = Buffer.read(s,Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");

//SynthDef (making Synth straight away) which has arguments for the loop points 

c= SynthDef(\loopbuffer, {arg start=0, end=10000; Out.ar(0,Pan2.ar(BufRd.ar(1, 0, Phasor.ar(0, BufRateScale.kr(b.bufnum), start, end),0.0)))}).play(s);

//*BufFrames.ir(b.bufnum) //this isn't needed since the GUI gives us positions directly in samples

( // make a simple SCSoundFileView

w = Window("soundfiles looper", Rect(10, 700, 750, 100));


a = SoundFileView(w, Rect(20,20, 700, 60));

f = SoundFile.new;

f.openRead(Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");

a.soundfile = f; // set soundfile

a.read(0, f.numFrames); // read in the entire file.

a.refresh; // refresh to display the file.

//set a function which is called when the mouse is let go, i.e. just after dragging out a selection in the window

a.mouseUpAction_({arg view; 

var where;

where= (view.selections[0]); //get the latest selection (assuming no other selections going on)

where.postln; //post where - start sample and length in samples of selection

c.set(\start, where[0], \end, where[0]+where[1]); //convert to start and end samples for loop area