Programming Exercises

The exercises in this file are intended to test your SC programming: 

a) Make a function with argument n which returns an array of n random numbers between 1.0 and 10.0. The numbers must have been sorted into decreasing order (hint: try [1,4,3].sort) 

b) Imagine you have to generate a rhythm for one 4/4 bar (i.e. 4 beats). Write a short program which selects random successive numbers from [1.0, 0.5, 0.25] to fill up one bar's worth of beats. How do you deal with going past the end of the bar? (hint: what does .choose do on an array?) 

c) Rewrite the following code as a series of nested ifs

i.e. if(condition1, {}, {if (condition2, etc.)})


var z;

z = 4.rand;

switch (z,

0, { \outcome1 },

1, { \outcome2 },

2, { \outcome3 },

3, { \outcome4 }



Now also rewrite it as a choice amongst elements of an array. 

d) Compare each of these lines by running them one at a time:








Write a program which plots ten outputs from any one of these lines in a row. Advanced: actually allow user selection (via a variable for instance) of which line gets used to generate the ten random numbers.